BSB Driveline Solutions

The BSB Driveline Solutions operates in the automotive sector since 2014. The projects include concept, simulation and control. For our clients we develop mechatronic components for power train in the prototype- as well as serial production area for passenger cars and trucks. You can learn more about our services here.

What distinguishes us? We have the necessary experience, to make our clients projects successfull, but are small enough to act flexible according to our employees' as well as client projects' needs.

The Team

Our team has grown steadily since the foundation of the company and currently counts 10 members with different core competencies such as Software-Engineering, Electronical Engineering, Machine Learning, Physics, Quality Assurance and more. Not only are different key areas of training combined but also nations.

Our CEO, Raphael Biancale, has gained more than 10 years of experience in the Automotive sector within his professional career. He has considerable expertise regarding vehicle-, powertrain-, transmission simulation and concept development, prototype and serial functional software development for main transmission, transfer case, vehicle dynamic controller, hybrid controller as well as production change management, failure analysis for mechatronic systems for passenger cars, trucks and tractors.

Wanna be a member of our team?